Our truck scales are designed and then built after a phase of strict compliance of all the applicable standards. Precision and professionalism distinguishes our scales: a team of industry experts will assist you in the purchase and maintenance. Since 1924, Bottaro is offering to its customers very high quality services

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About Us

Bottaro is a very high quality company in the field of weighing systems in Italy and Switzerland. Since 1924, Bottaro has specialized in counting scales, weighing platforms and software, in addition to developing a comprehensive and efficient technical support for customers. Bottaro is also available to provide estimates of industrial scales for free. For further requests you can freely contact us.


Commercial agent in Switzerland:
Franco Beati
Mobile: (+41) 076 2142759

Office and factory
: Via G. Marconi, 14 - 24050 Grassobbio (BG), Italy
Tel: (+39) 035 525681 / (+39) 035 4522447
Fax: (+39) 035 525689